TEMMERMAN a household name since 1904

The grandmother of all candy stores

Temmerman is the ultimate destination for sweet lovers, with a rich tradition spanning over a century. Our first store in Ghent opened in 1904 and since then, we’ve become known as the grandmother of sweet shops. Today, the fifth Temmerman generation continues our legacy with a passion for confectionery, gingerbread, chocolate, and tea.

Our commitment to quality and authenticity has allowed us to preserve the original recipes, using only the finest ingredients. Whether you’re indulging in our house classics like cuberdon mules, wippers, and poepkes, or exploring our extensive range of liquorice, gums, caramels, guimauve, and nougats, you can rest assured that our products maintain the same authentic taste as they did over a century ago.

Discover the Temmerman tradition and satisfy your sweet tooth at our store today.

Temmerman where refined sweets are an art