Our store in Ghent is also open on Tuesdays

TEMMERMAN a household name since 1904

The grandmother of all candy stores

Since the opening of the first store in Ghent in 1904, Temmerman has grown into the grandmother of the sweet shops, today in the hands of the fifth Temmerman generation who, with a lot of passion for confectionery, gingerbread, chocolate and tea, want to preserve this rich tradition for the present and future generations. By staying true to the original recipes in combination with the use of excellent ingredients, we have been able to maintain the same quality and authentic taste of our products after all these years.

In addition to some of our house classics such as the cuberdon mules, wippers and poepkes, you can get acquainted with our extensive range of liquorice, gums, caramels, guimauve and nougats, which are still produced according to traditional methods.

Temmerman where refined sweets are an art