Artisanal candy

Our gums are produced with gum arabic, a gelling agent derived from the acacia tree from Ethiopia and the Mediterranean. From time to time, the bark of this tree naturally erupts. The resulting wound is closed by the gum and can then be chipped after a while to be used in different sectors.

In the past, almost all sweets were made with gum arabic, but in the last decade many producers have switched to the much cheaper gelatin, which has the same applications, but is of less quality than gum arabic. However, we remain faithful to the authentic recipes and use gum arabic for our sweets in the traditional production. By using this gum, the majority of our sweets are therefore 100% vegetable.

Gelatine free

With the opening of the first store in 1904 in Ghent, production in the cellars below the store was expanded with a range of traditional confectionery / confectionery. Until now we use the same recipes for our delicious traditional “from grandmother’s time” sweets. With more than 140 varieties in soft and hard gums, caramels, liquorice and other tasty confectionery, Temmerman will find the candy that suits you.

Our sweet classics